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from the editor: movement, Summer 2022

I used to think I had to do everything I wanted to do in my life before I turned 30. Now, as I leave behind my 20s and move into a new decade, instead of feeling like a closing, life feels like it is opening up. And I’m pretty delighted by the surprise of that. […]

Taking a Step: All-female drumline leads band at Perryville High School

Drums are loud. They are visual. They are large and cumbersome, and they keep the band together. Historically, they are a male-dominated position within the band. But the Perryville High School Marching Buccaneers Drumline in Perryville, Mo., is changing that. During the 2021-22 school year, the drumline has been comprised of all female drummers, and […]

Art for You: Purple Sun

Canvas, heavy body acrylic with purple embroidery floss Kaleigh Oliver This piece titled “Purple Sun” is a celebration of creation and the unique beauties of the world. I created this piece as an ode to the creativity of the Lord. It’s a joy as a creator to be able to enjoy the awe-inspiring majesty of […]

Pet Peeves: What ticks you off?

When we came across a list of pet peeves by Cher, it gave us great insight into who she is as a person, and it also gave us a beautiful realization: The things we don’t like tell us just as much about ourselves as the things we do.  So in these pages, we get to […]

Madelyn Hussman: From the Pacific Crest Trail to the Cape Girardeau Studio

For six months, jewelry maker and leatherworker Madelyn Hussman and her husband Joe lived in a tent in what many consider some of the most beautiful places in the U.S., hiking 2,653 miles from the Mexico-U.S. border to the Canada-U.S. border through California, Oregon and Washington. After completing this thru-hike along the Pacific Crest Trail […]

Movement: At one with nature

Photos by Aaron Eisenhauer Words by J’Nae Howard Modeling by De’Vontae Graham, J’Nae Howard and Rebecca Zwick Throughout this collaboration, we discovered the ways our world moves and how to move within it. As we emulate our surroundings through dance, we learn our movement is like nature as we connect with it. We learn our […]

Cheers to 100 years

Curated by: Kayla Thompson, Adult Services, Cape Girardeau Public Library June 2022 marks 100 years since the grand opening of the Cape Girardeau Public Library. To go with our kick-off celebration on June 15th, here are some books to help celebrate the milestone anniversary. Here’s to 100 more! Andrew Carnegie by David Nasaw: This biography […]

meet the model: J’Nae Howard

Tell us about … Your favorite place to dance:  Most definitely my bedroom. The space may be smaller than a studio, but it’s super cozy, and it is my safe haven.   A time you moved to a new place: The first time I moved to a new place was when I moved into a […]
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