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letter from the editor

The first time I put on glasses, I saw leaves. They were on the trees, these beautiful little diamond shapes, two curved lines that met at a point on both ends, straight line down the center, tethered there in place to the branch by a tie, waving in the wind. They had lines around the […]

Letter to My Self at 20: Erin Urhahn

By Erin Urhahn   Dear Erin Urhahn, I  was once a girl in second grade who desired so fully to be grown up. I would toddle in my mother’s closet, flipping through the clothing, admiring adulthood. This was me when I was only seven years old. Now, eight years later, I’m the same girl, with […]

More Than Clothes

Designer and seamstress uses fabric to care for others Photos by Aaron Eisenhauer Tiffany Mead loves fabric. In fact, one of her favorite pastimes is going to fabric stores and touching different fabrics, planning her next pattern-making and sewing projects. It’s a love she can see has been a part of her personality even as […]


Here is what the painting looks like: a pipe, black at the top where the mouth goes, then brown around the curve into the bowl, light illuminating the bend like the sun on a river from 8,000 feet up. Below the pipe, in black — precise, cursive letters — the words: “Ceci n’est pas une […]

retrospekt: a photo shoot

Photos by Aaron Eisenhauer Words by Mia Pohlman Handwriting by Gary Rust II Models: Janika Roberts, Brianna Justine and Jo Rodgers Clothes and accessories: Annie Laurie’s, Atelier, Prospect Vintage, Smash Designs and J Renee Boutiques, all in Cape Girardeau Special thanks to Emily Vines and Josh Sellers for opening their home to us for the […]

Museum of Me: Janika Roberts

Our Winter 2020 model Janika Roberts’ top-five most-treasured possessions. 1. Skateboard. I started skateboarding around age 13 and try to skate everyday. 2. Monster can. I drink Monster a lot from being tired most of the time. 3. Candle. I always have a candle lit in my room. I love the woods and pumpkin spice […]

Museum of Me: Brianna Justine

Our Winter 2020 model Brianna Justine’s top five most-treasured possessions. 1. Starbucks apron. I’ve wanted to work at Starbucks since I was 15 years old. I applied and applied and almost gave up. After COVID-19 hit, I decided to give it one last try, and they finally hired me on! It’s a great company to […]

Museum of Me: Jo Rodgers

Our Winter 2020 Model Jo Rodgers’ top five most-treasured possessions. 1. Decorating magazines. Hundreds stacked up in corners organized by month and year, with no plan of decluttering. My best day would be a pot of coffee, lounging in my pajamas and diving into old editions of my favorites. 2. My mom. Jack of all […]

Letter to My Self at 20: Ali Eisenhauer

By Ali Eisenhauer   Oh Ali, Fifteen years seems like such a long time. Fifteen years will come and go so quickly. I don’t want to spoil too much of the fun, but I can tell you that your regrets are few and that life is good. Do me a favor, though, and just relax. […]

Letter to My Self at 20: Noreen Hyslop

By Noreen Hyslop   To the young woman I was, So, you’re 20. It’s 1971. You’ve witnessed a nation mourn the assassination of JFK and watched the gates close on Camelot. You’ve seen The Beatles at Comiskey Park, Joe Cocker live, The Association and Jefferson Airplane. You’ve shared time with The Buckinghams and John Belushi. […]
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