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from the editor: Spring 2023, “ask”

Writing teaches me to be bold. It’s a free pass to seek out people who can help me learn about topics I’m interested in, to talk with compelling people and to ask questions I’m wondering about. It helps me to step outside of my comfort zone, to act on my curiosity. And that transfers to […]

The People Who Know Our Names: Let’s get to know them.

On many Thursdays, members of the flourish crew go to Burrito-Ville for lunch. It’s a ritual we call Burrito-Ville Thursday, and amidst the orange, yellow and red-muralled walls, we break bread — or burritos and tortilla chips — together and find a sanctuary of friendship. There each week, we’re greeted by the people who work […]

Art for You: “Noid,” digital art by Sarah Bussmann

By Sarah Bussmann The subject of this poster is Cho Seung-youn, also known as WOODZ. It portrays the singer with lyrics from his song “NOID,” a song about pushing back from toxicity in your life. Using Photoshop, I added crayon, folded paper textures and gradient maps to create the poster. These elements bring youthfulness and […]

Meeting IRL: An afternoon with a stranger from social media

By Jasmine Jones At some point during college, I followed Emma Fritsche on Instagram. I can’t remember exactly when. I click so many profiles in such a short amount of time, I don’t realize I’m following someone until their photo shows up in my feed, and I think, “Who is this person?” I’d like to […]

Homage to the House Plant (and those who grow them): Abby Koch

I started collecting about five years ago, I think. At first, it was just for the aesthetic, but now, I think, it’s just really fun to see them grow, and they really reciprocate all the energy and time you put into them. It’s just a fun hobby. A lot of them I found when they’re […]
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