Archive of month: November 2018

From Grandma to Granddaughter to Great-Great-Granddaughter

Let’s hear it for matrilineality. “It’s just an old teacup,” says Glenda Heiden of Jackson, Missouri, as she describes the delicate cup and saucer that has been passed down to her from her granny. “It has cracks in it. It’s not much to see.” And she’s right. To someone outside her family, this teacup would […]

The Lines We Draw

How do the simultaneously artificial and real lines of race and politics affect us, and how are women in our community stepping over them to unite? By Mia Pohlman The first time I heard the term “white studies,” I was in my first year of graduate school. Eighteen years of kindergarten through college education, and […]

Beauty of the Line

Words by Emilia Schempp How do you create line with the body in dance? Line is created within the body through the points of equilibrium. One could picture placing this point of equilibrium at the center of a coordinate plane and the limbs that are extended from this center or point of equilibrium must all […]

Make an Origami Bow

And make a package look pretty. Wondering how to make page 23 in the winter 2018 issue of flourish into something pretty? Look no further. Write a sweet message on the back, and then head to this website to start folding away.

Wing Your Eyeliner

(We’ll teach you how.) By Carly Phillips You might not remember everything about your adolescent years, but there was probably eyeliner. That’s when it started, the desire to grow up and keep growing. You morph into a teenager, and the black pencil is ready and waiting. The Egyptians depended on it, cool girls lived by […]

Take a Walk

With Show Me Center marketing director Abbie Lady At flourish, we create conversations that bring people together. Conversations that teach us things about other women. Conversations that give us insight into what drives them to get up and do what they do. In this issue of flourish, we chat with woman-on-the-move Abbie Lady, the current […]