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Be inspired by the words of others

By: Sarah Vohsen, Cape Girardeau Public Library I love to read about the struggles and successes other people have experienced. It gives me the chance to learn so much from their experiences and apply these lessons to my own life. Here are a few nonfiction books that might inspire you to reach new heights in […]

ritual: letter from the editor

Χάος is one of my favorite Greek words. Not only is it fun to say, pronounced from the back of the throat kind of like hawking up a loogie, but it also translates to “chaos,” and describes perfectly one of my favorite Greek phenomenons: recess. At the school I taught at in Athens, when the […]

Making Stained Glass: Anna Zembsch creates

We show up at Anna Zembsh’s home studio in Cape Girardeau, and she shows us around, introduces us to her cats Bubbles and Lil’ Craig; points out the sternum from an armadillo she found, brought home and boiled (apparently, it made the house smell awful, but it makes a cool shelf decoration now); and explains […]

Art for You: “Escape”

“Escape” Art and words by Sydni Alber Soft Pastels There are many rituals we partake in every day, but one that is special to me is playing guitar. I got my first guitar for Christmas when I was 15, and ever since then, I’ve made a point to try and play every day. Music has […]

The Ritual of the Body: Marian Johnston, doula

Witnessing to Labor Ritual unites soul with body. Through our attention to what is before us in ritual, we bring ourselves to the present moment, which we inhabit because we have a body to be physically present in. Our body is vessel, container, holding space, a tabernacle to reverence through which we experience the world. […]


photographs by aaron eisenhauer words by mia pohlman there is a girl who writes stories. she lives in the forest, at the deserted sea, on the deepest level of the highest mountain shaped like hope. whatever she writes, appears. stars, darkness, tiny balls of light strung on strings across trees. did you pay attention in […]

spark: Layla Bouzihay

Every night before I go to bed, I stand in my closet and take 30 minutes to pick out my outfit for the next day. Clothes have always held a place in my heart and life. When I am in my closet, I get to decide who I’m going to be the next day. My […]

spark: Lori Vavak

When I think of rituals, it brings back special memories such as family camping trips, helping Grandpa make homemade ice cream for the Fourth of July celebration, sledding down the hill to our Grandma and Grandpa’s house on snow days and so many more. One ritual that started from the day I was born was […]
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