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Beauty of the Line

Words by Emilia Schempp How do you create line with the body in dance? Line is created within the body through the points of equilibrium. One could picture placing this point of equilibrium at the center of a coordinate plane and the limbs that are extended from this center or point of equilibrium must all […]

Make an Origami Bow

And make a package look pretty. Wondering how to make page 23 in the winter 2018 issue of flourish into something pretty? Look no further. Write a sweet message on the back, and then head to this website to start folding away.

Wing Your Eyeliner

(We’ll teach you how.) By Carly Phillips You might not remember everything about your adolescent years, but there was probably eyeliner. That’s when it started, the desire to grow up and keep growing. You morph into a teenager, and the black pencil is ready and waiting. The Egyptians depended on it, cool girls lived by […]

She Says

Local women answer the question: Did you change your last name, keep it or hyphenate when you got married? Marisa Cook: I changed my name. My husband is one of the last with his family’s name, and I have a lot of family members with my family name. I wanted to pass it down to […]

Gifts for the Groomsmen

Found in downtown Cape Girardeau. Trophy You already know they’re great humans, so give your groomsmen a trophy for being the truest buddies you could ask for. Atelier.   Records Have some Elvis Presley or Beatles fans in your wedding crew? Nothing sounds better than gifting them antique records of their favorite throwback music artists, […]

20-Something Long-Distance Love

Here’s to you. By Rachael Long That old saying “distance makes the heart grow fonder” is complete garbage. My heart was already pretty stinking fond of my partner before I packed my bags and moved to Denver for the summer. He is the answer to so many prayers, and we fell for each other fast. […]

The Esquire and Butch

Because place matters. By Laura Robertson She sits silent, her once-lighted Esquire sign drooping with age and neglect. Flashy billboards no longer attract patrons from under glass frames. The ticket window has yellowed papers stuck to part of the inside glass. The smell of freshly popped popcorn does not emanate through the cracks of the […]

For Our Sisters

You teach us and love us, and we love you. By Carly Phillips Go to my house and find one of the plastic boxes labeled “pictures.” Pry off the lid and dig through empty film canisters, old rolls of negatives and hundreds of photos. You’ll find me posing in someone else’s sunglasses, with birthday cakes, […]

Hey, Beautiful

Complement your hair and eyes like colors. By Taylor A. Dumars When it comes to beauty, I’ve always maintained the notion that one can make style their own, which is why fashion remains one of my passions. However, I have to admit that I’m somewhat of an amateur when it comes to curating the most […]

Feel Free to Browse Around

You’re pretty — frame your face like you know it. By Dondee Nations Eyebrows are one of the most prominent features on our face. Having a well-groomed brow can accentuate your eyes, shape your face and communicate emotion. The shape of today’s brows are full and groomed. There are three main parts of your brow […]
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