Anwyn Suhr: What have you been thinking about lately?

Do you ever catch yourself getting lost in the past? It’s been a bad habit of mine lately.

Today, I filmed a beautiful wedding in this old cathedral full of artwork, sculptures, intricate wood carvings. And as I observed each work, each Biblical painting, each deliberate carving of the sculptures, I found myself lost in what once was — the people in the artwork. The artists who labored so. All the people who had stood under the same steeple as myself, all for different reasons. Confessions. Weddings. Baptisms. Funerals. I just have this thirst to know and remember what came before me. Growing up, I always had a small ache knowing I’d never get to meet my great-grandmothers in this life — I’d never get to taste their cooking, observe their concentration while they painted and crocheted intricately-detailed pieces. I hope a part of them lives in the work I produce and the art I create. I hope they knew their great-granddaughter wouldn’t be too terribly different from themselves, many moons later. And I hope you can see them in me. I don’t know if you see them when you look at me, but I can only hope their spirits shine through mine, at least a little bit.


Photo by Aaron Eisenhauer


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