Leni Santoro: What have you been thinking lately?

Perhaps it is because spring has come that I have been thinking about when you were little and we would plant the garden together.

Or perhaps it was seeing the way the sun shone on the grass after the early morning rain shower, releasing into the day a thousand small, shining glimmerings of a garden encrusted in a mist of bright, sparkling diamonds of light that reminded me of your laughter as, together, we planted the garden when you were little.

I remember making the rows for the corn and the way you would follow behind as I made the holes. You would drop the corn seeds into the small wells created there, two or three for each hole. Then after, we would walk the rows again, covering the seeds in their little round beds.

I remember saying that you should drop the seeds in because you were smaller and closer to the ground, and it was easier for you than for me. But really, I was just so happy to have you out there with me in the bright sun- shine which was always so in competition with your beautiful curly blond hair. Your bright blue eyes searching the ground so reminiscent of the sky on a cloudless day. What a magical time it was.

And so, I was thinking today, once again, that I needed to say thank you. Thank you for being my child and sharing your time with me. It did then, and it does today, bring me so much joy.

Love, Mom

Photo by Aaron Eisenhauer


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