a magazine for women. in southeast missouri.

flourish magazine is where we come together to create, to question, to wonder. It is where we gather for connection, encouragement and community. It is where we exhale and inhale freely, a space of renewal for our souls. 


flourish is a gathering-place for Southeast Missouri women to share our stories, our questions, our lives.

Mia Pohlman

our story

Come sit for a while. Breathe. Laugh. Be.

flourish has been Southeast Missouri's magazine for women since 2010. We are a community dedicated to sharing our stories because stories provide points of connection, drawing us together and saving us from isolation.

In flourish, we observe. We participate. We reflect. We create. We embrace moments of unexpected joy and are real in moments of mystifying grief. We are also about the day-to-day moments we often forget to notice.

flourish celebrates all it means to be a woman, examining our world and ourselves through written words, visual images and beautiful design.

We like you, and we're glad you're here. Thanks for gathering with us.

the team

The people who contribute their time, minds and hearts to make flourish a reality.
Mia Pohlman


Justin White
Jamie Barnwell
Jasmine Jones
Thomas Shaner
Cheryl Mothes
Jennifer Goodman
Designer + Illustrator
Katie Neville
Monica Foltz
Photographer + Illustrator
Aaron Eisenhauer
Kaleigh Oliver
Nicolette Baker
Paris Newson
Jeff Rawson
Designer + Writer
Aaron Arnzen
J'Nae Howard
Writer + Model

our partners