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Art for You: Cyanotype

What is a cyanotype? The cyanotype is a photographic printing process that uses the chemicals ferric ammonium citrate or ferric ammonium oxalate as well as potassium ferricyanide and water to develop and fix an image to a page. The chemicals are sensitive to UVA radiation, and when exposed to sunlight, reveal a monochrome, cyan-blue color […]

Art for You: Purple Sun

Canvas, heavy body acrylic with purple embroidery floss Kaleigh Oliver This piece titled “Purple Sun” is a celebration of creation and the unique beauties of the world. I created this piece as an ode to the creativity of the Lord. It’s a joy as a creator to be able to enjoy the awe-inspiring majesty of […]

Madelyn Hussman: From the Pacific Crest Trail to the Cape Girardeau Studio

For six months, jewelry maker and leatherworker Madelyn Hussman and her husband Joe lived in a tent in what many consider some of the most beautiful places in the U.S., hiking 2,653 miles from the Mexico-U.S. border to the Canada-U.S. border through California, Oregon and Washington. After completing this thru-hike along the Pacific Crest Trail […]

meet along the way: Hannah March Sanders

This story was first published as “The Right to Free Speech: Vintage printing presses in Cape Girardeau tell history of written word” in the July 2021 issue of “The Best Years (TBY).” By Jasmine Jones Vandercook. Chandler & Price. Heidelberg. For most, these names mean nothing. For past editors, these printing press brand names meant […]

Art for You: “Memories”

MIXED MEDIA By Thomas Shaner My collages remember the moments of the past through the fragments and images of family photos. Since my father passed away in 2013 and my mother passed away in 2018, it has been difficult to process the grief that comes with the loss of a parent. These pictures are about […]

Body Language

Photos by Aaron Eisenhauer Words by Mia Pohlman Modeling and styling by Kara Filbeck and Parker Bond Here, we explore the ways women and men are taught to embody body language differently, as well as the ideals subconsciously encoded in the ways we are taught to be in our bodies. May our models, by performing […]

Postcards to Nowhere

By Monica Obradovic As a journalist, I’m constantly surrounded by messages: emails, press releases, interview transcriptions, story drafts. Two years ago, I wanted to find a way to curate words of my own. It started at an antique mall in Cuba, Mo. In the time it took for my mother to walk through the entire […]

Making Stained Glass: Anna Zembsch creates

We show up at Anna Zembsh’s home studio in Cape Girardeau, and she shows us around, introduces us to her cats Bubbles and Lil’ Craig; points out the sternum from an armadillo she found, brought home and boiled (apparently, it made the house smell awful, but it makes a cool shelf decoration now); and explains […]