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Postcards to Nowhere

By Monica Obradovic As a journalist, I’m constantly surrounded by messages: emails, press releases, interview transcriptions, story drafts. Two years ago, I wanted to find a way to curate words of my own. It started at an antique mall in Cuba, Mo. In the time it took for my mother to walk through the entire […]

Making Stained Glass: Anna Zembsch creates

We show up at Anna Zembsh’s home studio in Cape Girardeau, and she shows us around, introduces us to her cats Bubbles and Lil’ Craig; points out the sternum from an armadillo she found, brought home and boiled (apparently, it made the house smell awful, but it makes a cool shelf decoration now); and explains […]

Art for You: “Escape”

“Escape” Art and words by Sydni Alber Soft Pastels There are many rituals we partake in every day, but one that is special to me is playing guitar. I got my first guitar for Christmas when I was 15, and ever since then, I’ve made a point to try and play every day. Music has […]

Art for You

The water closes in, threatening to take me down.  Overwhelmed by salt and sand, I find myself Splashing. Gasping. Fighting.   Struggling to survive.  Waves of self-doubt crash over my head.  Anxiety and fear swirl around my feet. What if I’m not enough?  What if I’m too much?    My eyes dart left, then right. […]

Try Something New: Tips for watercolor

Watercolor is the process of painting with pigments that are mixed with water. With just a little water, the colors can be bright and vibrant. Add more water, and the colors become subtle and opaque. Mix when wet, and your colors will bleed. Wait until dry, and the colors won’t mix. It’s a simple form […]

retrospekt: a photo shoot

Photos by Aaron Eisenhauer Words by Mia Pohlman Handwriting by Gary Rust II Models: Janika Roberts, Brianna Justine and Jo Rodgers Clothes and accessories: Annie Laurie’s, Atelier, Prospect Vintage, Smash Designs and J Renee Boutiques, all in Cape Girardeau Special thanks to Emily Vines and Josh Sellers for opening their home to us for the […]

Art for You

Day Three Photography By Anna Estes The drive out to Sedona was marked by windows down and chilly air, unrestrained laughing and our favorite playlists on blast. It was one of those drives that reminds you, sometimes you really are living in your own movie. There was nothing to look at for a long while, […]

meet along the way: Suzanne Thompson

Women do incredible things. Here, we feature the stories of women who are a part of the Southeast Missouri community by way of living here, being from here or passing through. We hope these stories inspire you to connect with others and that they encourage you to be who you are in the world. We […]

Scavenger Hunt Reveal

Where We Went for our Summer 2020 Photo Shoot In our Summer 2020 issue, we traveled across Southeast Missouri for four fashion photo shoots and left you clues so you could join in the fun and figure out the locations. Here, we let you in on where we went; they are some of our favorite […]