Childlike Wonder: It’s summertime — have fun!

Modeling by Altyn Timlin

Photos and art direction by Aaron Eisenhauer

Intro, styling and art direction by Mia Pohlman

Long stretches of pretending to be spies or riding bikes in driveway circles or reading Harry Potter outside under the tree with our sib- lings, sweat matting locks of hair to our necks, a timelessness of endless hours that stretched before us in which snack breaks were the only markers. Laughing and playing and disagreeing, working it out, resum- ing the game, or rather, continuing it, because it never stopped. No place to be except here, with these people, in this moment.

Everything was interesting, and we paid attention to it — the frog in the flowers, the ladybug on the pole, the clouds above the trees. And sometimes, nothing was in- teresting — we laid on our backs on the floor of our living room,

wondering what to do next, when it seemed like no, answer, would, ever, come. And then, somehow, magically, after snack time or while outside or when reading a book, an activity presented itself. Where our interests led was never wast- ed time; we went where our heart called and inhabited the present fully, unfiltered, engrossing our- selves in it.

Wherever you are this summer, we hope this experience is again yours. We hope you give yourself permission to follow whimsy and intuition, laughter and bright col- ors, rest and play. We hope you use your time to get into adventures, to say yes, and to embrace the childlike wonder, delight and fun that is summertime.


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