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Oct. 14, 2023, 1 to 8 p.m. CT

We asked seven local photographers to take a photo of where they were or something happening in the moment on Oct. 14, 2023, between 1 to 8 p.m. Then, we asked them to share their photo with us, so we could see their unique views of this place and time. We love the diversity of […]

flourish Through the Years: Our favorite stories from Issues 1 through 50

Started as a magazine for Southeast Missouri women called She in 2008, the editorial team rebranded and created the first official issue of Flourish in 2010. That makes this issue, according to the number on the cover, flourish issue #50. To commemorate, we went back into the archives and read through the first issues of […]

Artist Spotlight: Rebecca Green

Artist Rebecca Green doesn’t consider herself a photographer. She says she “dabbles” in many mediums, including oil and acrylic paint, ink and linocut; photography feels to her like using Crayons must feel to someone who isn’t used to drawing, reaching for whatever cheap material is available to doodle designs. Her equivalent to Crayons: She shoots […]

Meet Along the Way: Sharon Tuschhoff

Words By Jasmine Jones  Bird photo by Sharon Tuschhoff This story was first published in the Winter 2022 issue of mind + body. Sharon Tuschhoff goes out to notice the natural world, bringing nothing but herself and a camera to capture all she sees. She snaps photos of owls and hummingbirds, big cats and bears, […]

Movement: At one with nature

Photos by Aaron Eisenhauer Words by J’Nae Howard Modeling by De’Vontae Graham, J’Nae Howard and Rebecca Zwick Throughout this collaboration, we discovered the ways our world moves and how to move within it. As we emulate our surroundings through dance, we learn our movement is like nature as we connect with it. We learn our […]

meet the model: J’Nae Howard

Tell us about … Your favorite place to dance:  Most definitely my bedroom. The space may be smaller than a studio, but it’s super cozy, and it is my safe haven.   A time you moved to a new place: The first time I moved to a new place was when I moved into a […]

meet the model: De’Vontae Graham

Tell us about… Your favorite place to dance: My favorite place to dance is anywhere with a mirror in front of me.  A time you moved to a new place: I am from St. Louis and came to Cape Girardeau for college. Being in the circus: The circus was my home away from home. I […]

meet the model: Rebecca Zwick

Tell us about … Your favorite place to dance: My favorite place to dance right now would have to be the Donald C. Bedell Performance Hall on the River Campus at Southeast Missouri State University. It is such a special space that is so rare to have the opportunity to perform on. I am fortunate […]


photographs by aaron eisenhauer words by mia pohlman there is a girl who writes stories. she lives in the forest, at the deserted sea, on the deepest level of the highest mountain shaped like hope. whatever she writes, appears. stars, darkness, tiny balls of light strung on strings across trees. did you pay attention in […]