Be inspired by the words of others

By: Sarah Vohsen, Cape Girardeau Public Library

I love to read about the struggles and successes other people have experienced. It gives me the chance to learn so much from their experiences and apply these lessons to my own life. Here are a few nonfiction books that might inspire you to reach new heights in life or at work.

 “Make Your Bed” is Admiral William H. McRaven’s list of ten principles that changed his life, and each is shared through an inspirational story about his Navy Seal training.

 “Dare to Lead” by Brené Brown shares the hard truths about being a leader. I would definitely recommend the audiobook because hearing Brené tell her story in her own voice makes this book memorable.

 “How to Be a Bawse” is great if you want to read something a bit more playful. This colorful book is filled with advice on how to be a “bawse” and also doubles as the story of how Lilly Singh got to where she is now.

If you have some other motivational books you’d like to read, there are plenty of titles waiting at the Cape Girardeau Public Library.