Homage to the House Plant (and those who grow them): Abby Koch

Photo by Aaron Eisenhauer

I started collecting about five years ago, I think. At first, it was just for the aesthetic, but now, I think, it’s just really fun to see them grow, and they really reciprocate all the energy and time you put into them. It’s just a fun hobby.

A lot of them I found when they’re pretty much dying, like on clearance, so I just bought them, and I try to save them, ‘cause I feel bad for them, you know?

Sometimes, it’s weird, like, I talk to them, but I feel like it just makes them happier and healthier, I don’t know. [I say] just nice things. Like, when I’m watering them.

[My plants] really inspire me, because they’re all different and unique. Spending time with plants is really calming and also promotes mental health and physical health, I’ve found. It helped me with that. Mentally, it just gives me something to take care of, other than myself. And it’s also really exciting just to see everything grow bigger. And physically, it’s just good for the air quality, so I like that.

All plants are unique. I just like buying unique things.

Photo by Aaron Eisenhauer

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  • Polly K
    Great story! I love the connection between mental health and plants.