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Who to Invite: Create the guest list of your dreams

By Nicolette Baker When Chelsea Fletcher of Cape Girardeau began planning the guest list for her Sept. 26 wedding, she envisioned an intimate ceremony surrounded by the closest of family members. For the nuptials themselves, she chose to include only her and her fiancé’s immediate family members. The guest list for the “big party” reception […]

And Eat It, Too

Fun wedding cake flavors are having a moment. Here, we ask local bakers: What’s a favorite wedding cake flavor you’ve been making?  Lemon poppyseed cake with blackberry curd and vanilla buttercream frosting Lemon poppy is one of my absolute favorites, and I love fruit curds because they’re super fresh and add some extra dimension to […]

Have Your Cake

It’s beautiful and expensive, and you don’t want to mess it up. Yep, we’re talking about the time-honored tradition of the wedding cake and how to cut it. Here, we show you the traditional way to cut a tiered circle cake so you can be ready to say yes the next time someone asks you […]

Have a Yes Day With Your Kids

A few weeks ago, my kids and I watched a movie on Netflix called “Yes Day.” In the movie, the mom, played by Jennifer Garner, has become accustomed to saying no and is challenged to a 24-hour day of saying yes to her children’s wildest dreams come true. After setting some ground rules — they […]

Paddling Into Adventure

By Missy Nieveen Phegley When I was nearing my 40th birthday, lots of people asked how I wanted to celebrate this milestone. I really wanted to take a vacation by myself, but when I shared this with family and friends, their responses were, “You don’t want to do that,” “That doesn’t seem safe,” “That wouldn’t […]

Going Home Again

By Phoebe Pohlman It’s strange the things I can talk myself into if I try hard enough. I will suppress my own true and deep desires to make my life fit a version of something I think I want.  I began questioning my carefully-crafted plans of moving away from Southeast Missouri to begin my teaching […]

Say Yes: Here’s a place to start

Yes. Such a simple, yet powerful word.  Maybe you said it when the right one asked for your hand in marriage. Maybe you said it when your soul told you to walk away from the one who wasn’t right. Big, small, momentous and inconsequential, how we use the word yes can shape life as we […]

Part of the Process

The way we farm matters. By Emily Scifers  As dawn starts to creep over the horizon, I pull my aching body out of bed. Yesterday’s planting took a toll. I tell myself not to skip my morning walk around the field. It loosens me up before I really get to work. Spring training on the […]

Museum of Me: Janika Roberts

Our Winter 2020 model Janika Roberts’ top-five most-treasured possessions. 1. Skateboard. I started skateboarding around age 13 and try to skate everyday. 2. Monster can. I drink Monster a lot from being tired most of the time. 3. Candle. I always have a candle lit in my room. I love the woods and pumpkin spice […]

Museum of Me: Brianna Justine

Our Winter 2020 model Brianna Justine’s top five most-treasured possessions. 1. Starbucks apron. I’ve wanted to work at Starbucks since I was 15 years old. I applied and applied and almost gave up. After COVID-19 hit, I decided to give it one last try, and they finally hired me on! It’s a great company to […]