Museum of the Decades: 1960s

Every decade has a personality, the ethos that marks the people living together during that time, giving us shared experience that shapes our day-to-day. It bonds us and reminds us we belong to a specific time, place and group, that we are a part of something larger than ourselves.

Here, Kristi Jansen helps us wander through the 1960s and explore items that mattered to her when she was growing up during that decade. Remember your own experiences with these cultural touchstones; maybe they’re artifacts that mattered to you, too.

Here’s to recalling what has been good.

Curated by Kristi Jansen

Photo by Aaron Eisenhauer

Pony Cart Rides

Dad would hitch the horse to the cart and take the neighbor kids and cousins for rides up and down Old Appleton Main Street. My adult friends and cousins still talk about this great memory my father gave them.


Louise Myers was a neighbor who loved children, and we all loved her. We would paint rocks with her and make fresh-squeezed lemonade and Tang. In the afternoons, we would set up a stand and sell painted rocks and drinks. Needless to say, Louise was our best customer.

Barbie + Ken

Barbie was my imaginary friend when I played with her. An elderly lady handmade an entire wardrobe for her, including a wedding dress. I was so happy when Ken was introduced; I was able to dress Barbie in her wedding attire and have a groom for her to marry.

Photo by Aaron Eisenhauer

Banana Seat Bikes

My bike had a banana seat, and I’d put plastic straws on the spokes. They made a really cool noise when I pedaled fast.

Red Rover + Andy Over

These were games we played with the neighborhood kids. There were always disagreements, but they were always quickly settled by an older sibling!