Hair and Makeup Through the Decades: Try these looks for yourself

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Words by Amanda Flinn

At Eden Health Spa and Salon, the stylists work hard to cultivate the type of space where women can express themselves freely, embrace their differences and be united through their similarities. According to owner Sarah Kilpela, the stylist’s job is to “find out what the client wants and go from there. God already created her beautiful. Makeup and hair is just art.” And no matter what style is trending, they recognize beauty is more than skin deep.

Here, find hairstyle and makeup inspiration from the past 60 years to try out at home, and then join us at the flourish Launch Party on Thursday, May 25, from 5 to 7 p.m. to learn how to do hair and makeup looks from the 1940s and 1990s. See you there.


Illustration by Jennifer Goodman

Natural beauty began trending in the 1970s. Among the Black community, the afro gained popularity as a way to embrace culture and fight against white beauty standards. Since this was also the hippie era, long, feathered hair became popular for both women and men. Lipgloss and shimmery, pastel eyeshadows made their way onto the makeup scene. To try this style, part your hair down the middle, and let it flow free. Add a flower for a feminine touch.


Illustration by Jennifer Goodman

If there was ever a time to go big or go home, the 1980s was it. Curly, tamed and teased hair was all the rage. To mimic the ‘80s, you’ll need lots of hairspray for volume, neon eyeshadow all the way up to your bushy brows for color, and bright pink — or even blue — lipstick, if you dare. Paired with bangles, oversized neon sweatshirts and mismatched socks, you’ll have this look mastered in no time.


Illustration by Jennifer Goodman

In the ‘90s, hair volume toned down, with many women opting for sleek, straight styles. One of the biggest trends of the decade was The Rachel Cut, inspired by Jennifer Aniston’s character on “Friends.” To achieve this look, you’ll need mid-sized bangs and layers that frame your face. The grunge trend was also popular, with many women opting for dark lipliner with nude lips.