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Home is a Purple School Bus: Local couple embraces tiny living

By Jasmine Jones When Kara and Evan Steffens drive by a schoolyard full of buses, Evan points at the rows of yellow and jokingly exclaims, “Look at all those houses!” It’s because the couple has transformed a 68-passenger school bus, which they bought in September 2020, into their full-time home. Many people said the couple […]

The People Who Know Our Names: Let’s get to know them.

On many Thursdays, members of the flourish crew go to Burrito-Ville for lunch. It’s a ritual we call Burrito-Ville Thursday, and amidst the orange, yellow and red-muralled walls, we break bread — or burritos and tortilla chips — together and find a sanctuary of friendship. There each week, we’re greeted by the people who work […]

Homage to the House Plant (and those who grow them): Abby Koch

I started collecting about five years ago, I think. At first, it was just for the aesthetic, but now, I think, it’s just really fun to see them grow, and they really reciprocate all the energy and time you put into them. It’s just a fun hobby. A lot of them I found when they’re […]

Homage to the House Plant (and those who grow them): Leslie Phillips

Probably some of the first plants I had were funeral plants from my dad’s funeral. So it kind of felt like, ‘I need to keep this alive,’ ‘cause it was something I brought home. And it doesn’t really remind me of him, so much as I see now these plants are much older, and I […]