Museum of Me: Jo Rodgers

Our Winter 2020 Model Jo Rodgers’ top five most-treasured possessions.

Photo by Aaron Eisenhauer

1. Decorating magazines. Hundreds stacked up in corners organized by month and year, with no plan of decluttering. My best day would be a pot of coffee, lounging in my pajamas and diving into old editions of my favorites.

2. My mom. Jack of all trades, who raised five girls primarily by herself, taught us to be independent and always have back-up cab fare in our pocket.

3. If you’re in need of relationship advice, I’m free and here for ya! Sitting on one’s couch for hours with an old friend sharing life’s escapades and listening to advice we don’t desire can be just the cheap therapy we need. Where would we/I be without friends!

4. Hostess cupcakes. My go-to most mornings, starting in grade school and to follow into adult life. My happy/sad comfort food. No soup for me.

5. Cartier watch. A gift from my former husband when least expected. Of course, I love it. Is it real? I choose not to know. But he did gift me with four bona fide children …