meet the model: J’Nae Howard

J’Nae Howard dances on a rock at Ferne Clyffe State Park in Goreville, Ill. Howard is a dance student at Southeast Missouri State University. Photo by Aaron Eisenhauer

Tell us about …

Your favorite place to dance: 

Most definitely my bedroom. The space may be smaller than a studio, but it’s super cozy, and it is my safe haven.  

A time you moved to a new place:

The first time I moved to a new place was when I moved into a home with my current roommates. We were ready to move out of the dorms and into our own spaces! It was a shock at first, feeling like we had more freedom, and we did! Along with all the other responsibilities that come with adulting.

A random fact:

In January, I won an entry to be a part of Yungblud’s music video “The Funeral,” but I could not attend the shoot because it was in Los Angeles the next day.  

Five loves: 

The color purple, anything cheetah print, pasta and soul food, animals (specifically cats of all sizes), and listening to podcasts in the mornings.

Something you’re grateful for:

One thing I’m entirely grateful for is my family. I would be extremely lost in this life of adulting without their guidance and wisdom.