And the Two Become One: The Tradition

As you plan your wedding day, we know you’ll find ways to make it as deeply special as the story of love you’re writing together with your future spouse. For some inspiration, here we share with you unique features from Southeast Missouri couple Makayla and Luke Pohlman’s wedding. Congratulations — we are joyful with you as you prepare for and celebrate your new life together.

Makayla + Luke Pohlman

Hometowns: Makayla is from Perryville, Missouri, and Luke is from Apple Creek, Missouri. The couple resides in Frohna, Missouri.

Makayla Pohlman (née Langley) was a freshman and Luke Pohlman was a sophomore when they first met in the hallway of their high school. Although at first they thought it was just a fling, Makayla says they “grew together through all those years.” Seven years later, Luke proposed. 

When the couple told Makayla’s parents the two potential dates they had in mind for their big day, Makayla says her mom’s mouth “literally dropped.” It turned out it was the date of her parents’ own 28th wedding anniversary. Makayla says she “felt like a horrible daughter for forgetting that detail,” but that she and Luke ultimately decided to get married on that day to honor her parents. At the reception, they even dedicated a special song for her parents to dance to. 

In addition, the couple was the fourth generation of Luke’s family to get married at his family’s church, St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Apple Creek, Missouri. “It was nice to keep the legacy going. Hopefully one day, our kids will get married there to continue the legacy,” Makayla says. “Overall, the whole day had so much meaning to the both of us and our families, and it was definitely the best day of our lives.

Photography: Coco Captures

How she knew he was the one:

I knew Luke was the one by the way he treated me. Since the very first day, he was always so kind and always cared about my feelings. And I love how we can be so goofy with one another. We just get each other and we have always held onto love through the good times and the bad. I have never had to second guess how much he loves me and I love him.

How he proposed:

We both love to go fishing, and we went pretty often on my parents’ farm, so I knew she wouldn’t think anything of it. So once we got to the pond, I told her I had a surprise for her and to turn around. I then pulled out her very own “Frozen” tackle box. She was so excited about it! It was already completely full of all things she liked, but there was more. I told her to look in the bottom where there was a small note I wrote inside, and once she finished reading it, I knelt on one knee and asked, “Will you marry me?” She was already in tears, but said, “Yes!” We continued on to fish, catching nothing and then went on home to share the exciting news.


Meet The Photographer:

Dani Brown

Coco Captures

When I’m shooting a wedding, I, of course, want to lay out a series of photos detailing what happened that day. More importantly, though, I want to capture all of the authentic moments I can find. I’m always trying to look around to see who is getting caught up in the moment and why and then capture that in my camera. I don’t want to solely show how much a bride and groom love each other, but also how much they’re loved by everyone around them, as well.