And the Two Become One: The Wedding Gifts

As you plan your wedding day, we know you’ll find ways to make it as deeply special as the story of love you’re writing together with your future spouse. For some inspiration, here we share with you unique features from Southeast Missouri couple Maci and Logan Sprandel’s wedding. Congratulations — we are joyful with you as you prepare for and celebrate your new life together.

Maci + Logan Sprandel

Hometowns: Maci is from Cape Girardeau and Logan is from Jackson. The couple currently resides in Knoxville, Tennessee. 

Photography: Imageclairity
Wedding design and planning: Linda McKinnis of Design Exclusive, LLC

Maci (née Daniel) and Logan Sprandel met when they were a freshman and sophomore in high school. Throughout their eight years of dating and engagement, Maci kept a box she filled with memorabilia from their relationship — movie tickets, love letters, prom corsages, photos and gifts. For one of Maci’s wedding gifts, Logan gave her a new box to add items to during their post-wedding years together. He also got her a green T-shirt with Schmidt quotes from “New Girl,” Maci’s favorite show. 

“I died laughing with all of my bridesmaids — we are all ‘New Girl’ fans!” Maci says. “Logan is very funny, and I told him when we were discussing gifts that I wanted something sentimental because that’s my personality, but I also wanted him to surprise me and keep me laughing. Even on our wedding day, Logan has a way of helping me escape the nerves and bring me back to belly laughing.”

He says:

Cherish every second with your significant other, and don’t forget to live in the moment! It’s a day you won’t forget! Also, double up on your deodorant.

She says:

The best part about my wedding day for me would have to be standing in front of God, family and friends the people who have helped mold our relationship and becoming one. Being Logan’s wife is my greatest accomplishment. We will have been married one year ago in September, and I never really fathomed Logan and I could be closer than we already were, but we are. We are loving married life and figuring things out together. Being away from home, we have really had to rely on one another. It has been a great growth period for us, and I look forward to many, many more years. 


Meet The Photographer:

Claire Bira Forrest


My approach to wedding photography is to be truly focused on the bride and groom and how they experience their day. There is no end to the amount of stress the wedding industry has created, but no bride approaches her wedding day hoping to feel anything other than joy and excitement to begin a new chapter with the person she’s fallen in love with. My focus is to understand what that looks and feels like to the couple and then try to translate that into a story, visually.