meet the model: Kara Filbeck

Photo by Aaron Eisenhauer

Tell us about …


something you love to do:

I love to dip dark chocolate Oreos into hot Vietnamese coffee.

your favorite place in the world:

My favorite place in the world is lying on the bed of a truck, driving through the mountains near Chiang Mai where I grew up.

one of your favorite people:

My niece Emma! She loves Batman, Bluey and beans! Up until recently, she called me “KK” but has started calling me “Kara” now, and I miss it already.

something that inspires you:

I love reading biographies. One that really inspired me was Dorothy Day’s “The Long Loneliness.”

the best meal you’ve ever eaten: 

One of the most memorable meals I keep coming back to is the khao soi and pork satay we would get at a little open-air, hole-in-the-wall in Thailand.