beginnings: Tiffany Meade

Risk involves stepping into the unknown in faith that life will bring you what you need. It’s a process of discovery, of revision, of growth. Here, Tiffany Meade shares the wisdom she has learned along the way through transitioning career paths.

Photo by Aaron Eisenhauer

In 2018, Tiffany transitioned from working what she thought was her dream job to working within her local church ministry. In January of 2020, she began volunteering for the Tiger Lilies as a mentor, something she says she never thought she would do. She was later hired as a mentor assistant.

“What I learned and am still learning through this process is that life is a journey,” Tiffany says. “Do I have all of the answers? Of course not. And that is okay. All this journey requires is that I keep trusting God to direct me in the way I need to go and take one step at a time. I am also learning to be more of a risk taker by trusting those internal nudges. The more I step, the more I grow. And the more I grow, the more confident I become. Simply put, it’s all a process, and all processes require time, patience and repetition.”

Tiffany’s wisdom about going in a new direction: “Taking a risk, making a big change and transitioning from one place to another is scary. Whether that is a physical transition, vocational transition or relational, it’s all a big deal and one that requires much prayer and faith. Personally, I have had to take more risks than I thought necessary, never knowing how it all was going to work out or if it would work out. But I did it. Here is what I found: it’s worth it. You will never know what blessings, opportunities or connections are waiting for you on the other side of whatever you may be contemplating. And so, I say, just do it. Ask God to give you the wisdom and courage you need to step out on faith and then take that next step, whatever that may look like for you.”