beginnings: Claire Skelton

Risk involves stepping into the unknown in faith that life will bring you what you need. It’s a process of discovery, of revision, of growth. Here, Claire Skelton shares what she is excited and apprehensive about as she begins the new adventure of switching career paths to lead her family business in Jackson.

Photo by Aaron Eisenhauer

Claire Skelton grew up going into her dad’s print shop. She says the smell and constant hum of the machines are memories woven throughout her life. Although this was a prevalent part of her childhood, she never considered working for her dad at his print shop as an adult. 

When quarantine happened, however, that changed. As a specialist in social media marketing for local restaurants, Claire thought marketing would be the first thing many restaurants would cut during the pandemic. Although she says this wasn’t the case, it gave her time to think about where she wanted to go with her marketing. She came to realize working with her dad would only help her be a better asset to her clients.

Now, she appreciates being able to learn about the machines and what they can create for customers. She says she loves creating, as well as the reward of seeing a client’s idea play out to its finished physical product.

The best part of her new gig?

“Honestly, it’s working for my dad,” Claire says. “He is a hard worker and has a lot to hang his hat on in the Jackson community. I am very lucky to get to learn from him and hear advice on what has worked and not worked for his business in the past. It’s like my own AskJeeves!”

Claire’s wisdom about starting something new: “The scariest part is realizing there are no rules or guidelines to what I am doing. It’s hard for me to tell if I am doing a good job. That’s why I try to set goals, and every so often, I go back to them to make sure I’m making progress. Remember that others generally want to see you succeed. Always ask questions when you don’t understand, and never be afraid to stick your neck out or be different!”