New year = new titles to explore

Curated by: Kayla Thompson, Adult Services, Cape Girardeau Public Library

A new month means new things to read, new bookish goals, and new titles to explore. If you need any suggestions, swing by the library and see what we have on display. Here are some newer debut titles to get you started:

Sistersong by Lucy Holland: A historical fantasy novel about an ancient kingdom in Britain. The story follows three royal siblings as they strive to forge their own ways in the world while navigating a treacherous web of royal lies and deceit.

Portrait of a Thief by Grace Li: Inspired by the true story of Chinese art that started going missing from western museums. Good for fans of Ocean’s Eight, this story follows Will Chen, oldest son and art history major, who plans to steal back the art after an unknown patron offers him a job that he doesn’t think he can refuse – legal or not.

Other People’s Children by R.J. Hoffman: A story of family and its meaning. This book follows Gail and Jon Durbin who desperately want to start having children. After a few heartbreaks, the couple turns to adoption and might have found the answer to their prayers in a pregnant teenager, Carli. A great read for anyone looking for something raw and emotional.

The School for Good Mothers by Jessamine Chan: Set in a near-future America, this book looks at motherhood and if there is truly one good way to be a mom. It follows Friday Liu who has to fight to win back custody of her daughter by attending a school for bad mothers. In this school, women must care for robot children with A.I. capabilities in order to prove themselves.