Eating Together: Mary Gentry

Cooking feeds your mouth as well as your soul. I learned to cook at an early age while helping my mom cook for our family, and it’s a never-ending journey, always learning something new. This is a generational recipe. It was always served during family gatherings. It could be served hot or cold, or for breakfast, lunch or dinner!


Algufray’s Salmon Croquettes

1 can salmon

2 eggs

1 sleeve Saltine crackers

Salt/pepper to taste

½ bell pepper (chopped)

1 fresh jalapeño (sliced thin)

¼ cup water

1 small onion (chopped)


Drain juice from can of salmon and remove skin and bones.

Hand mix salmon and all other ingredients together. Form into small patties. Heat oil on medium high until oil is hot. Carefully place patties into skillet and fry for three to four minutes on each side until brown.

Remove patties from oil and place on paper towel and repeat! YUM YUM.

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  • Jane Frazier
    Great lady and great food. Thanks for featuring this in your magazine.