Time tales

Curated by: Kayla Thompson, Adult Services Coordinator, Cape Girardeau Public Library

January and the new year tend to bring about thoughts of time. How it passes, how it seems to stop and start again with the new year, and how there never seems to be enough of it. Here are a few books that look at the concept of time and the different ways of traveling through it – literally.

 In Five years by Rebecca Serle: Imagine- your five-year plan is set. Everything in your life reflects this: you are engaged, you are working your dream job, the future is bright. That is what Dannie Cohan’s life is like…until one day she falls asleep and wakes up five years in the future with a different ring on her finger and a different man in bed than when she closed her eyes the night before.

The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger: Clare and Henry have the perfect marriage. Except that at unpredictable times, Henry’s condition makes him disappear from the present and reappear in another place in time. This is how the two met. Can their love and their marriage survive such a trial?

 Outlander by Diana Galbadon: On her honeymoon with her husband in 1945, Claire is transported back in time 200 years to 1743 Scotland where she is forced to marry another in order to survive the war-torn country. Will she make it back to her first husband? Or will she be forced to come to terms with this new life?