In a Greenhouse: Photography Tips from Tyler

Here our photographer Tyler Graef shares three things he thinks about while taking photos to help inspire you to make your best images, too.

1. Fill the frame

The famous Robert Capa rule suggests that “if your photographs aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.” While that’s almost always true, the point is to make sure you’re filling the frame. That being said, sometimes you fill the frame with space; it depends. As you assess your subject, decide for yourself what’s really important.

2. Watch your edges 

Get in the habit of monitoring the edges of your frame while composing. Keep them clean. A rogue trash can or elbow can clutter an image and distract from the moment you’re trying to capture, and likewise it’s seldom ideal to cut off your subject’s feet. Better to beware your edges in the moment than rely on cropping later.

3. Look to the “riverbank” 

Try thinking about your project or assignment as a river. Many of the obvious moments would constitute the river’s main current. The main current of a basketball game, for example, would be game action shots. But look to the “riverbank” areas, i.e., fans in the stands, coaches, cheerleaders. Those moments at the margin can be the most satisfying to capture and will elevate the final package.