Treasured Possessions: Beverly Delph

Our most treasured possessions link us to the people we love and to the people who love us. They remind us of where we have come from and the experiences that have shaped who we are. They remind us of our inspirations, our aspirations, our purpose.

In these photos, Beverly Delph shows us summer fashion from Lex Boutique in Benton, Missouri, while sharing the stories of photos she owns that hold deep meaning for her.

Here’s to summertime, and to being both interiorly and exteriorly beautiful.


My most treasured possessions are pictures of my three sons. Why? Without hesitation, being a mama to Ryan, Xavier and Kyle is the best thing I ever did. Every time someone greets me and asks me how I’m doing or how my family is doing, I immediately begin to give a dissertation about the three men that are the result of 34 years of higher education, education that cannot be taught in school or tested from a textbook. My husband, Tommy, and I are strategic in making sure we are pouring as much as possible into our young men. Now we get to see our village continue to grow through our sons with our three grandchildren, Naevi, Brooklynn and Noah. Just know that I am happy, thankful and grateful to be given such an important assignment.

Beverly Delph, mother of David, Xavier and Kyle Delph, all of whom serve in the U.S. Air Force, poses for a portrait at Cape Girardeau Middle School in Cape Girardeau. Delph says her sons’ service portraits are her most prized possessions. Clothes: Lex Boutique in Benton, Missouri. Photographs by Tyler Graef.