What’s in Your Bag?: Avon Crocker, CEO and COO of the Crocker Household

One can tell a lot about a person and their life by the items they carry with them: the stage of life they’re in, what they value, the belongings they consider necessities. 

We wanted to get to know local women better through the contents of their bag. So, we invited them into our photography studio and asked them to take all of their things out of their purse.

Here, Avon Crocker opens her bag to us and generously shares what she finds.

The contents:

Homemade caramels: “My husband makes them, and he keeps them in his pockets, and I keep them in my purse, so when we see somebody, we just share.”

JCPenney coupons: “You never know when I might be in that neck of the woods, and I want a coupon.” 

Wallet: “Belonged to my mother-in-law. Now mine.” 

Credit cards


Tax-exempt cards: “For shopping for FISH [Food Distribution Center] and for church.” 

Church bulletin: “There’s always hopefully a current one in my purse.” 

Scout pass: “Always get one of those for Christmas from my daughter Amanda.” 


A little notebook


Gift card: “From my birthday in July. Still haven’t spent it, because I’m saving it for something special.” 

Hallmark rewards

Gift cards

Meal plans: “For our community meals at church. … I happen to be doing the meals this month.”

A little bag for sunglasses

Sunglasses: “I’ve had cataract surgery, and now the sun bothers me, so I have to have sunglasses. Don’t go anywhere without them.”


Medicine: “My husband’s diabetic, so that’s his medicine.”

Glucose tabs: “In case [my husband’s] sugar gets low.” 

Excedrin: “For my migraines. The sooner I can get medicine in me, the sooner they go away.”




Throat lozenges

Tiny rubber bands

Tablet charging cord



COVID-19 masks

Fan: “I am prepared for those hot flashes.” 

Quarter for Aldi’s


Broken necklace: “My bestie from seventh grade, she gave that one to me one year for my birthday. … You get attached to things. Some things are necessary. Some things are just because it makes you feel good to hang on to them.”

What are four things you have to have with you at all times?

  1. Medicines
  2. Phone
  3. Car keys
  4. Tissues

Is there anything in your bag that surprised you?

Oh my gosh. My lost cord to my tablet. We have been looking for months. So, I guess the last time we traveled, I stuck this in my purse instead of my suitcase and [a black cord] in a black-lined purse [blends in easily]. 

Looking at your belongings, what is something they say about you?

I try to be prepared for anything. That’s [why I have] all the medicines. And my family’s glad I carry a purse.