What’s in Your Bag?: Aveney Kandiah, junior at Notre Dame Regional High School

One can tell a lot about a person and their life by the items they carry with them: the stage of life they’re in, what they value, the belongings they consider necessities. 

We wanted to get to know three local women better through the contents of their bag. So, we invited them into our photography studio and asked them to take all of their things out of their purse.

Here, Aveney Kandiah opens her bag to us and generously shares what she finds.


The contents:


ChromeBook charger: “I always forget to charge [my ChromeBook].”

USB mouse connector for laptop


Pencil case

Crumpled-up index cards for each element and its abbreviation on the Periodic Table of Elements

Energy drink packets: “I kind of developed an addiction to those during finals, but it’s fine.”

Candy: “I would have been eating it, if I knew it was in here.”


Lip gloss

Hair tie: “Because you never know.”


Rubber duck: “I was studying for finals at my friend’s house, and it was her mom’s 50th birthday; someone got her 50 ducks, so she gave me a duck, and I still have it in here.”

What are three things you have to have with you at all times?

  1. Chapstick: The Burt’s Bees pomegranate flavor is really good.
  2. My phone
  3. A snack: Because you never know. 

Is there anything that isn’t in your bag that you expected to be there?

I usually carry around gum, but I just ran out.

Looking at your belongings, what is something they say about you?

I think the energy drink packets say a lot about how finals were. I got them as a joke — they’re called G Fuel. I was going to get the energy drinks I usually get, but they didn’t have them at Walmart. I saw these — they’re like anime gamer fuel — and I was like, “Oh, I’ll get these.” Honestly … the flavor is really good. … [It’s] like focus-level caffeine.