Welcome, Friends: Create a hospitable guest room

By Jasmine Jones

A guest room is more than a bed for visitors to sleep on. It’s a place for visitors to relax, rejuvenate, exist — to feel at home away from home. Even the smallest guest rooms can feel like home with the right added touches and attention to detail. 

The Downtown Guesthouse showcases the importance of detail when curating a hospitable space for guests. From curtains to trash cans, owner Laurie Everett does not ignore a single object in this Cape Girardeau cottage. 

Just by glancing around the space, we can learn to create a comforting retreat for our visitors, too. 

Tips to go over photo (point out things in each photo): 

  • Block out morning light with blackout curtains. Undisturbed rest is an important part of a successful overnight stay. 
  •  Plants add warmth to any room and help clean the air. But remember to water them often, as dead plants make a space appear neglected. 
  • Be considerate of guests’ sleeping habits. Place white noise machines and fans close to the bed. Both help drown out noise, especially if your home is next to a busy road.
  • Mix the old with the new when decorating. For example, pair a vintage chair with a new couch and colorful pillows. 
  • Invest in unique and decorative trash cans.This added touch helps create a cohesive and chic living space. 
  • Keep extra sheets, blankets and pillowcases stored on or near the bed. This way, guests know where to find them.
  •  Leave out a map or travel brochure for guests to familiarize themselves with the area. If there’s a fun event happening while guests are in town, leave a note to let them know!
  • Stack up the magazines and reading materials to entertain guests. (Bonus points for including a copy of flourish!) 
  • Add small mirrors throughout the room. They create the illusion of a larger space and provide a place for guests to get ready.