Art for You

By Amanda Flinn

The water closes in, threatening to take me down. 

Overwhelmed by salt and sand, I find myself

Splashing. Gasping. Fighting.  

Struggling to survive. 

Waves of self-doubt crash over my head. 

Anxiety and fear swirl around my feet.

What if I’m not enough? 

What if I’m too much? 


My eyes dart left, then right. I am alone with my thoughts. 

Just me and the water 

Bending. Thrashing. Gulping. 

How can something so vital, so necessary, so important

also have the power to swallow me whole?

Exhausted by a world full of darkness

My soul cries out. 

With one final breath, my eyes close. 


And I feel it.  

Light, spreading across my weathered face. 

Shining. Inviting. Warming.

Filling me from the inside out. I need more. 

Kicking my heels up, I throw my head back into the salty ocean. 

And look up. 

Squinting to see the source, I float and listen

To a voice whispering, “I am here. You are mine.” 


In the depths of the ocean, I remember who I am. 

What I was born to do. 

Dreaming. Creating. Inspiring. 

Making the world a better place. Where pain exists, but so does love.   

Waters rise. The sun rises. And I rise, too. 

Shaking off comparison and regret, I step forward into the light. 

Believing in progress over perfection. 

Knowing I’m on the verge of something great.

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  • Amy Corson
    I absolutely love this! Made me cry ?