Be Natural

Because you’re so pretty.

By Nicolette Baker

How do you use natural products in your daily routine? Maybe they’re the best-kept secret in your skin care regime, or part of a home remedy that’s been passed through your family. 

For centuries, women have been using natural products to add a little something to their routine. From using berries as lip tint to the many uses of rosewater, Mother Nature’s influence in beauty routines is nothing new. 

That being said, how does natural beauty translate to the 21st century? Here, five Southeast Missouri women pass along their favorite natural beauty hacks, as well as the products they can’t live without. 


Mahala Pittman 

At night, if I was wearing makeup, I use a tiny bit of olive oil to remove my makeup, then I wash my face and use an all-natural acne oil serum I bought from a local vendor at the Cape farmer’s market. I swear by coconut oil; it’s great for your hair, and I use it as lip balm. Also witch hazel is amazing at removing impurities from the skin and balancing skin tone!


Naisha Tobias

My favorite natural products are shea butter, vitamin C serum and aloe vera juice. I use aloe vera juice as a toner after I cleanse my face. I use these products in my skin care routine, and those products are most important in that process. My tips would be to drink plenty of water to flush out toxins, wear sunscreen and most importantly, to wash your face twice a day for a minute each.


Taylor Destiny Laws

Coconut oil is definitely a go-to for me! I use it every night to remove my makeup; it’s an especially good product to remove waterproof mascara. I take a little on my fingers, and rub it all across my face and eyelashes especially. It’ll melt from the warmth of your skin, then just take a warm cloth and wipe it all off. The newest thing in my skin care routine is this natural product I got from a local woman at a craft show. It’s made from beeswax, oil and bee venom! Crazy, right!?! I use it as a moisturizer on my face in the morning and night.


Sandra Cox 

In terms of home remedies, I make a coffee and sugar shower scrub with a few drops of bergamot oil and some avocado oil that is really helpful for sloughing off elbows, knees and heels. I mix two parts coffee, one part sugar, one part avocado oil with three drops of bergamot oil. It smells amazing, but it does leave a mess in the tub afterwards.


Elizabeth Mathis

The only home remedy I have is a classic one, which is coconut oil as a deep conditioner for your hair. Usually about once a month, I leave it in overnight and then wash it out in the morning, and it makes my hair so soft.