September reading list

Curated by: Kayla Thompson, Adult Services, Cape Girardeau Public Library

September is “Bear Necessities Month”, a time of the year set aside to teach people about bears and how to protect them. In honor of this, here are a few books about or featuring bears:

Down from the Mountain by Bryce Andrews (Non-Fiction): this nonfiction title follows the life of an American grizzly bear name, Millie. The story is a moving piece on the changing landscape of the west, how it affects Millie’s life and the lives of her cubs, and how Andrews comes to be a part of it all.

Walking the Big Wild by Karsten Heuer (Non-Fiction): follow Heuer and her trusty border collie, Webster, as they trek along from Yellowstone to Yukon encountering the natural wildlife along the way (lions, wolves, and Bears – Oh, My!).

On Being a Bear by Rémy Marion (Non-Fiction): Marion draws on a mixture of legend, history, and science to give us a closer and more captivating look at our relationship with bears across time. If you like Jane Goodall, then I think this book might be a good read for you!

The New LiBEARian by Alex Willmore (Picture Book): I know that this is a picture book, but this is a supremely cute book that (as a librarian recommending books about bears) could not be left off of the list. Miss Merrywheather, the librarian, is missing…but the kiddo’s still manage to have a day of library fun upon the discovery of the new LiBEARian.