Sponsored Content: Help Your Hair Be Its Healthiest

By Lizzy Stock

Photo by Jennifer Goodman
An important part of the body you call home is your hair. Though different seasons of life come and go, hair is often a constant, and the importance of taking good care of it cannot be understated.

 “We’re our own walking billboards,” says Caroline Hagan, Aveda product ambassador and  licensed esthetician at Belladona Salon & Spa in Cape Girardeau. “If we have good, strong, healthy hair that we’re proud of, it boosts your confidence, it lifts your spirits — anybody who looks their best generally feels their best.”

Read on for hair care tips to keep your hair growing strong and healthy:

1. Make sure you’re choosing the best products for your hair type to curate a hair care routine that keeps your hair looking its best. If you’re looking to improve and customize your hair care routine, Belladona Salon & Spa in Cape Girardeau offers a free consultation to help you find products perfect for you. Aveda hair care, available at both Belladona locations, offers specific products for every hair texture and concern, whether you have curly hair, textured hair, hair that needs hydration, colored hair, thinning hair, damaged hair or hair loss. Aveda is 100% vegan, cruelty free and sustainably-sourced, and offers real results without any worry about what you’re putting onto your hair.

2. Using the right shampoo and conditioner is the foundation of a strong hair care routine. Hagan recommends a shampoo that cleanses for your hair type, followed by a conditioner that gives the right amount of moisture for your hair and a hair masque if you need an extra boost of hydration or repair. 

3. Styling and prep products help set the tone for how you want your hair to look and feel after styling, Hagan says. For heat styling, it’s important to use a thermal heat protectant to make sure your hair doesn’t get damaged during styling. Hagan mentions a thermal heat protectant is especially important when you’re restyling day two or three hair, to add in extra protection and avoid damage and breakage. If you prefer to air dry your hair, an anti-frizz or a hydrating product can be helpful to protect hair from humidity and drying out.

4. Choose a finishing product to keep your style in place and reduce tangling, which can cause damage later when brushing.

5. A professional treatment can help reset your hair and restore its healthy look and feel. When you want to give some extra care to your hair, Belladona offers deep moisturizing treatments for very dry hair, extreme repair treatments for badly-damaged hair and exfoliating scalp treatments for hair loss or product buildup. In-salon professional treatments go deep into the hair using heat and massage to get your hair and scalp back on track. 

 Hair care can be tricky, but with the right routine tailored to you, you can have hair that showcases your personality, gives you a mental health and confidence boost, and helps you look and feel your best every day.