Bloom: Arrange flowers like the professionals

By Jennifer Goodman

Fresh flowers can help any place feel like home. Want to treat yourself and teach yourself a new hobby? Go out and gather some flowers, put those babies in a vase, and enjoy the beauty of the bloom. 

Of course, we can’t stop there. Arranging flowers takes skill, creativity and a little help from the ones who actually know what they’re doing, which leads us to Dana of CLEMENTINE, Dustin Duncan of D Duncan Floristry & Boutique, and Lillian Prevallet of Petunia and Lilly’s Flower Shop, to have a little chat about some tips and tricks to create the best flower arrangement this side of the Mississippi. 

Illustration by Jennifer Goodman

Dana McDowell

An arrangement is a living art piece to be experienced, a true fleeting beauty.

Take yourself on a nature walk — forage for your own greens and flowers. Southeast Missouri has a huge variety of beautiful native flowers. Just be sure to not trespass or use invasive species; Google is a great source to help identify if a plant is invasive or native.

Pick flowers at different bloom stages to have a longer vase life; as some flowers start to dry, others will start to bloom. 

Illustration by Jennifer Goodman

Dustin Duncan

It’s all about that vase! 

Get the statement vase — you deserve it. Clear glass is fine, but when you really want to remember your important moments like an anniversary, birthday or holiday, a standout vase is the way to go.

Pick neutral colors like gold, light pink, tan or brown to really let the flowers shine. 

Illustration by Jennifer Goodman

Lillian Prevallet

Flowers are magical! The most magical ones come from outside — local stuff has more soul and feels more genuine; they help connect you to home. 

Flower arranging is a lot like yoga: The process can help center you and make you feel more grounded. 

Flowers create dopamine in your brain. Flowers make you feel good; add on to that and give your arrangement to a loved one so they get the good feelings, too. Sharing is caring!