Scavenger Hunt: Dori Hefner

Southeast Missouri: space to think, to make art, to know each other. Where people live the day to day and work hard to do, create and shape good things. Where we come together to help each other. Where natural and womanmade beauty abound. Where we have a place to be home.

We love our region and the funky, quaint, lovely spaces throughout it. Some of our favorite places throughout this region are out of the way, worn-in, hidden gems locals know about that we want you to experience, too. So, with this photo shoot, we’re sending you on a scavenger hunt: do you know where each of these places are?

When you solve these mini mysteries, drive to each spot and take your own version of a photo in the place. Be sure to tag @my_flourish when you post to Instagram or Facebook. We’ll reveal each location on Instagram in the following months and in the Fall 2020 issue of flourish. 

Now don your regional pride, get out there and make some art.


Here’s your clue:

You can get food at this spot 24/7 in the town known regionally for its ‘que. Fun fact: a certain Shipyard Music Festival headliner band may have stopped in at this spot and done an impromptu Instagram photo shoot while grabbing some grub on their way out of Cape Girardeau in 2019. We wonder if they lost anything, and if so, if they left it behind.

Our recommendation?

A hand-dipped milkshake with breakfast.

Photo by Aaron Eisenhauer

Meet Dori

Resides in: New Wells

What are your three favorite places in Southeast Missouri?

My top three favorite places are Jackson Lanes, the shops in Downtown Cape and The Ground-A-Bout in Jackson. 

Tell us about a specific memory you have at a specific place in Southeast Missouri.

I remember as a little kid going bowling at what used to be Main Street Lanes in Jackson. I had some birthday parties there, and I remember scoring my first strike!

Tell us about a smell that will always take you back to somewhere in Southeast Missouri.

The smell of fresh-blooming air will always take me back to Jackson when the annual Jackson Reads take place. 

How do you know you’re home?

I know I’m home when places feel comfortable and welcoming, like my hometown. 

What are three places you want to go to in Southeast Missouri that you haven’t been to yet?

I really want to go to the Puxico Skating Rink, Twenty One Drive-In movie theater in Van Buren, and Amidon Conservation Area in Fredericktown. 

Tell us about playing in the band.

I love band, especially marching band. I’ve been in band since the seventh grade, and I remember going to the parades and seeing the marching band and getting so excited to be a part of that some day. 

Tell us about Dori’s Compassion Packs.

I started Dori’s Compassion Packs last summer, which collects feminine hygiene products to give to students for whom buying those products can be a financial burden. I am still active in doing that. It started as packing the pouches for Jackson and Cape Central, but I was blessed by donors that made it able for me to support schools, especially impoverished schools in Southeast Missouri and Southern Illinois. How people can be a part of it is by donating supplies such as makeup or school supply bags, pads, tampons, panty liners and individually-wrapped feminine wipes, or donating monetarily. I have a Facebook and Instagram page for Dori’s Compassion Packs.

Clothes and shoes: Summers Lane Boutique in Jackson

Photo by Aaron Eisenhauer
Photo by Aaron Eisenhauer
Photo by Aaron Eisenhauer
Photo by Aaron Eisenhauer
Photo by Aaron Eisenhauer
Photo by Aaron Eisenhauer
Photo by Aaron Eisenhauer
Photo by Aaron Eisenhauer
Photo by Aaron Eisenhauer
Photo by Aaron Eisenhauer