Scavenger Hunt: Emily Sachs

Southeast Missouri: space to think, to make art, to know each other. Where people live the day to day and work hard to do, create and shape good things. Where we come together to help each other. Where natural and womanmade beauty abound. Where we have a place to be home.

We love our region and the funky, quaint, lovely spaces throughout it. Some of our favorite places throughout this region are out of the way, worn-in, hidden gems locals know about that we want you to experience, too. So, with this photo shoot, we’re sending you on a scavenger hunt: do you know where each of these places are?

When you solve these mini mysteries, drive to each spot and take your own version of a photo in the place. Be sure to tag @my_flourish when you post to Instagram or Facebook. We’ll reveal each location on Instagram in the following months and in the Fall 2020 issue of flourish. 

Now don your regional pride, get out there and make some art.


Here’s your clue:

Named after a fish specific to the region, when school’s in, this spot is the local high school breakfast hang out in the Home of the Blue Jays. The building built in 1911 used to be a hardware store and then a secondhand shop; there’s a jail holding cell in the basement that was used when the town was first founded.

Our recommendation? 

The pulled pork nachos, although the Gato Caliente is a highly-praised coffee specialty you can’t get anywhere else.


Photography by Aaron Eisenhauer.

Meet Emily

Hometown: Warrensburg, Missouri 

Resides in: Cape Girardeau 

What are your three favorite places in Southeast Missouri?

-Pink Rocks at Castor River Shut-Ins

-The outdoor patio at Ebb & Flow Fermentations

-Cape Girardeau Riverfront Market

Tell us about a specific memory you have at a specific place in Southeast Missouri.

One time, I was at Capaha Park with one of my friends. We were peacefully strolling around the lake, and then this lady came up and was hysterically screaming, “There is an injured bird in the lake. We need to help it!” My friend Logan literally caught the bird with his hands. It was wild. 

Tell us about a smell that will always take you back to somewhere in Southeast Missouri.

The smell of Kaldi’s espresso will always remind me of working at Baristas Coffee Bar.

How do you know you’re home?

When you have ultimate peace, freedom and joy in the best way. “For every house is built by someone, but God is the builder of everything.” (Hebrews 3:4)

What are three places you want to go to in Southeast Missouri that you haven’t been to yet?

– A bee farm

-Lazy L Safari Park

-The top of the Academic Dome at Southeast Missouri State University

What brought you to Cape?

In 2017, I transferred to Southeast Missouri State University from a community college to pursue a degree in mass communications. I was charmed by Cape Girardeau’s culture on my college visit. 

Tell us about your job as an admission counselor. 

I think my favorite part about being an admission counselor is that I have the opportunity to guide, encourage and be a tiny sliver of support for high school students. It’s ironic that I am an admission counselor now because when I was in high school, I did not have the confidence that I would be successful in college. As a child, I had a speech impediment until fifth grade and was always placed in the lower-level math classes. I never thought I would or even could attend a university. My favorite part of my job is when I call students and say, “Hey, you’ve been accepted to Southeast Missouri State University!” And they say, “Really, me?” and then we get to celebrate together. There’s no investment that can change your life quite like education can. 

I feel incredibly grateful to work at SEMO with all the wonderful individuals there, too. It only feels right to give back to the community that has given me so much.


Clothes, earrings, long necklace and shoes: Jenny May Boutique in Cape Girardeau


Photography by Aaron Eisenhauer.
Photography by Aaron Eisenhauer.
Photography by Aaron Eisenhauer.
Photography by Aaron Eisenhauer.
Photography by Aaron Eisenhauer.
Photography by Aaron Eisenhauer.
Photography by Aaron Eisenhauer.
Photography by Aaron Eisenhauer.
Photography by Aaron Eisenhauer.
Photography by Aaron Eisenhauer.