Hair: Ariauna Johnson

It’s the one part of our physical appearance we get to choose. Eye color, skin color, face shape, height — all of those are determined for us, but our hair. Our hair.

That is all ours.

The length, how we cut it, how we style it, the color(s) we choose for it to be. If we fix it, or if we let it go free.

It carries social connotations, religious symbolism and historic meaning. We as women bond over it; dyeing, cutting and styling it are reasons for us to gather in each other’s homes and beauty shops to share the stories of our lives. With it, we get to choose the way others perceive us; how we control it (or not) tells the world something about who we are.

Curly, straight, kinky, wavy. Long, shoulder-length, pixie-cut, faux hawk. Natural, dyed, braided, dreaded: no one has hair exactly like you.  

Let’s embrace our hair, look in the mirror and call it beautiful.

Let this Southeast Missouri young lady inspire you.



Ariauna Johnson

What do you love about your hair?

It’s fun to do different hairstyles with.


How do you take care of your hair?

My mom and grandmother take turns washing it and styling it out for me.


Anything else we should know about your hair?

It takes a long time to do my hair at times. I don’t like getting it combed.


What is something you’ve learned in life?

Treat others how I want to be treated and to be nice to others.


Tell us something brave you’ve done.

Being a leader and helping at school.


What is something you’ve done that you’re proud of?

I won a trophy in basketball.


Where is your favorite place in Southeast Missouri?

Trampoline park.


What do you like to do for fun?

I love to dance, sing and be creative by drawing and painting with my mom. I am really into the solar system. I like staying active a lot. I love music.


Anything else you want us to know about you?

I want to be a doctor when I grow up.