Gifts for the Groomsmen

Found in downtown Cape Girardeau.

Words by Ruchika Sharma   Photos by Kassi Jackson


You already know they’re great humans, so give your groomsmen a trophy for being the truest buddies you could ask for. Atelier.



Have some Elvis Presley or Beatles fans in your wedding crew? Nothing sounds better than gifting them antique records of their favorite throwback music artists, or of a band you have fond memories of jamming together to in your parents’ basement back in high school. Check out Pastimes Antiques’ vintage collection.



Because everyone has a sweet tooth (duh), a box of chocolates from Chocolate Works makes for a great gift to your groomsmen. These master chocolatiers are known for their locally handcrafted creations. Chocolate Works.


Ember & Valor

No, this gift isn’t entirely self-serving. While ensuring your best men stay well-groomed for your big day, they will also thank you for these locally-crafted and completely masculine beard oils, waxes and balms. Your groomsmen will be the best-looking group in wedding history, without a doubt. Bloom and



To honor your brotherly fraternity, give your groomsmen a quirky vintage bowtie to make your boys standout from the crowd. Plus, it adds a fun element to your wedding photographs who wouldn’t want that, right? Check out Mother Earth’s vintage bowtie collection at the Indie House.



Minimalist leather journals make unique gifts for the writers and artists in your group. And monogramming their initials on the front adds a personal touch! Free Spirit Studio at the Indie House.



Broaden your groomsmen’s coffee horizons with some locally roasted, in-house coffee beans. This gift idea doubles as beneficial to you: it’s bound to keep your crew alert and awake for your big day. Dynamite Coffee.



Share the love

Your best mates already have enough stuff? Donate to the charity of each groomsman’s choice instead! This sincere gesture is sure to be one of the most compassionate gifts ideas and will help spread the love to others on your big day.


Props: Brick Street Gallery Antiques and Stray Fox Farms at Brick Street Gallery Antiques in downtown Cape Girardeau