Hey, Beautiful

Complement your hair and eyes like colors.

By Taylor A. Dumars

When it comes to beauty, I’ve always maintained the notion that one can make style their own, which is why fashion remains one of my passions. However, I have to admit that I’m somewhat of an amateur when it comes to curating the most euphoric color combinations.

Local resident and Mary Kay Cosmetics senior sales director Jana Jateff, however, is a pro, sharing here how she suggests women choose the hue that will only magnify the beauty of their eyes and hair:

“Choose colors that are direct opposite each other on the color wheel,” Jateff says. “When these colors are paired together, they create a lot of contrast and enhance one another. So, wearing a complementary color to your hair will enhance the color of your hair and eyes.”

She says someone with blonde hair should wear a purple shirt, and that redheads look good in teal. Brunettes have a lot of flexibility in choosing colors, but blue is one great option.

A few tips I have for choosing the perfect color combinations:

Wear the color that makes you feel the most confident.

Who cares if that red tank doesn’t make your brown eyes pop?

Don’t listen to me because I’m no expert.

Truly, though, in order to offer some additional sound advice, one of today’s most renowned fashion blogs suggested a few combinations worthy of sharing. According to Who What Wear, the following hues enhance each color of eyes:

Blue eyes  Classic neutrals, all shades of pink, deep blues and lighter greens

Green eyes — Purple, deep greens, coral and pale yellows

Hazel eyes — Dark neutrals, orange, lavender and burgundy

Brown eyes — Khaki greens, soft pinks, rich blue hues and gold

Why does it matter what color you wear? While these suggestions have no bearing on how fabulous you are, if you find that you’re in need of a revamp, trying these colors could certainly do the trick.

Colors have the ability to brighten your aura, in addition to enhancing your physical features. While you may find that your favorite teal off-the-shoulder top enhances the warm red hues in your locks, remind yourself that colors are representative of more than external facets; teal, for example, is a symbol of tranquility, joy and intuition. With this in mind, wear a new color to fit your mood every day. And then take on — or over — the world.