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The Single Life

Live into it. According to the life plan I mapped out one day in middle school, when my 20s were but a distant dream, I should be married by now. Well, that hasn’t happened. And although my ideas have grown and shifted and changed, this self-imposed relationship timeline is apparently subconsciously ingrained somewhere deep inside […]

Onward, Together

37 Years: Mary and Robert Gentry In Chicago, almost four decades ago, Robert Gentry was working at Cook County Hospital, and his friend told him about a wedding taking place. “Two things that’s always connected with weddings: good food and beautiful women,” Robert says. “That’s what got me there. And they both worked out well.” It […]

Onward, Together

5 Years: Kelley and Jeff Branch Kelley and Jeff Branch met in 2010 in downtown Cape Girardeau. Kelley was a senior at Southeast Missouri State University, and Jeff had just graduated. One of Kelley’s best friends worked with Jeff, and they all happened to be at the same place at the same time. It was a […]

Onward, Together

75 Years: Helen and Fred Moyers Fred and Helen Moyers have been married for 75 years. Their choice to keep choosing each other is a testament that, yes, love is real. And it endures. “Do you want to dance, honey?” Fred Moyers asks Helen Moyers in their living room at Chateau Girardeau in Cape Girardeau […]

Onward, Together

19 Years: Natalie and Chris Dittmer Natalie and Chris Dittmer, who have been married for 19 years, share their wisdom on marriage, persevering through difficult times and what it means to live their vows through the dailiness of life. “Everybody that’s trying to do life so that they’re an inspiration to others has to be […]

The Shipyard Music Festival

September 22, 11 a.m., Ivers Square in Downtown Cape Girardeau A shipyard is a place where incomplete parts are brought together to be built into something new before they are sent back out into the world. That’s the concept behind the Shipyard Music Festival put on by The Scout, happening in downtown Cape Girardeau September […]

Where Does Our Trash Go?

Here’s a confession: I don’t recycle. I did during graduate school, when there was a recycling bin right outside my door, and a truck came and picked it up once a week. Now, though, I live in a rural area with no bins and no recycling routes. For some reason, sorting my trash and taking […]

One Woman’s Trash

Another woman’s art supply. Hannah March Sanders is a Cape Girardeau artist who focuses on environmental issues in her work. Also a professor of art at Southeast Missouri State University and area head of printmaking, as well as the letterpress area coordinator of Catapult Press at Catapult Creative House, Sanders uses upcycled and repurposed fabrics […]


Oh so lovely. You know it: some things are all show, pretty on the outside, but not so much when you dig a little deeper. Then there are those that are both beautiful and substantial. That’s lavender. It’s a versatile, tried-and-true plant: Egyptians used it for embalming in ancient times, the Arabs used it for […]

Keziah Kariuki

She’s strong and vibrant. We want to be her friend. Grass greens, teals, reds. Royal blues, purples, yellows. The walls of one room in Michelle Outman’s Cape Girardeau home look like Kenya, lined with colorful jewelry in all shades, made from recycled glass and paper beads, bones and ostrich egg shells. The jewelry, scarves and […]